All forms of creativity make us whole.
The Lodge is a dedicated space for creativity and celebrating the things we make.


The Lodge is a space where music is created. People are invited in to create, share, and celebrate original music.


A kitchen table is where food is shared, stories are retold, and memories are shaped. The Lodge allows us to grow and expand our culinary experiences.


We believe our best work is done through collaboration. The Lodge gives us the opportunity to do what we were created to do . . . together.


It has been said that the most difficult part of writing is beginning. The Lodge removes all hindrances and obstacles to beginning your masterpiece.
Our Space


Tent – small room perfect for writing workshops, brainstorming sessions, or small group music sessions


Cabin – Just think living room. This space is like being in your childhood home, hanging out with your best friends.

Main Hall

Main Hall – This is where the celebration happens. Perfect venue for bands, art showcases, and gatherings.

Group Guitar Lessons

Group guitar lessons – once a week for 6 weeks. Group format allows you to learn without fear. Last night is a showcase, where friends and family can enjoy a meal while you show off your creativity.
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Food Stories

After school snack waiting on the counter . the smell of apple pie . your first beer . your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner. All food has a story to tell. Share great food. Share your stories.
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The Lodge: Creative space. Cultivating community and the arts.
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Corner of LB McLeod Rd & Bruton Rd
Behind Chevron

Exact Address:
4071-G LB McLeod Road
McLeod Commerce Center
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